Ride the Jive originated on YouTube when a young man decided to create some silly and strange videos to share with the world.  Jeremy, the creator of Ride the Jive, resides in Pittsburgh, PA filming all over the area.  Practically everything in Western Pennsylvania will be filmed by Jeremy, as he always carries his hi-def camera where-ever he goes. Currently, you can see that this website is quite a display of oddness and strange sights.  Although, what is refreshing about this all is that Jeremy "keeps it real" in a "no holds barred" kind of way.

    So sit back, relax, and don't go anywhere.  Enjoy these videos, over and over again.  If you feel like it, visit my YouTube channel at:

Definitions of Jive:

- Slang. deceptive, exaggerated, or meaningless talk: Don't give me any of that jive!

- Slang. to tease; fool; kid: Stop jiving me!

- Slang. to engage in kidding, teasing, or exaggeration.


192025; orig. obscure; alleged to be an alter. of gibe, though the shift in sense and phonetic change are unexplained